JHeatChart is a simple Java library for generating heat map charts for output as image files or use in GUIs. It is open source under an LGPL license.


Detailed JavaDoc is available: view JavaDoc for v.0.6.


  1. Download the latest version of JHeatChart.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Add the jheatchart-x.x.jar file to your Java classpath.

Creating Heat Maps

With the JHeatChart jar on your classpath you will now be able to create heat map charts from your application. There are three basic steps to creating a heat map:

  1. Construct a new instance of HeatChart, providing your data.
  2. Configure the visual settings.
  3. Either, call saveToFile(String) to output a png, jpg or gif image.
    Or, call getChartImage() to get the chart as a Java Image object for further processing.

Each of these steps is described in more detail in the JavaDoc documentation. The examples page has examples of this in action.


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