JHeatChart is a simple Java library for generating heat map charts for output as image files or use in GUIs. It is open source under an LGPL license.


Example heat map

Example heat map with transparent background and no title.

Heat maps are an excellent way of visualising 3-dimensional data. They are widely used, especially in molecular biology and technology. The JHeatChart library provides a simple API for generating Java heat maps.

  • Output heat maps as .png, .jpg or .gif images.
  • Generate Image objects for further processing.
  • Show generated Image in a Swing JPanel.
  • Fully customisable colours, dimensions, fonts etc.
  • Linear, logarithmic and exponential colour scales.
  • LGPL license so it is free for you to use.

Get started creating heat maps with Java by downloading the jar and reading the documentation.


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